SANIMED | Weight Control I 3kg

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  • Description

    Indications for use

    • Diabetes mellitus
    • Hyperlipidemia
    • Constipation
    • Colitis
    • ¬∑Pancreatitis

    SANIMED Weight Control

    • enables weight control through its low energy content
    • supports the preservation of muscle mass, thanks to its high protein content
    • stimulates the breakdown of fat thanks to L-carnitine
    • helps regulate blood sugar levels thanks to its high fibre content
    • due to the low fat content it helps maintain the health of the pancreas

    SANIMED Weight Control is characterized by a low content of available fat and is rich in crude fiber, and therefore does not have a high energy value. The calculated energy value of the products is 1.191 kJ of exchange energy per 100 g of dietary feed (284 kcal / 100 g). However, this means that a certain amount of energy requires more feed by weight than other types of food for animals. Low energy value and satiety SANIMED Weight Control allows you to maintain body weight at the desired level. SANIMED Weight Control is suitable for dogs prone to obesity, and will be an excellent continuation of the treatment of obesity along with SANIMED Weight Reduction.