Rinti Single Meat / Chicken Pure | Can | 185g

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  • Description

    Single meat - exclusively with pure chicken - is a unique composition of meat and offal from a single animal species: chicken. For sensitive and picky dogs. This diet is particularly suitable for a balanced, protein-rich diet without carbohydrates (grain-free). The fact that only chicken is used also reduces the risk of feed allergies and intolerances. 

    Nutritional information

    10.0% crude protein 7.0% fat content 0.5% crude fiber 2.5% crude ash 79.0% moisture content.
    Calorie content / 100g: 102 kcal 

    Feeding recommendation

    Weight of the dog:
    - 6kg: approx. 370g / day
    - 7kg: approx. 400g / day
    - 10kg: approx. 555g / day
    - 17kg: approx. 800g / day
    - 42kg: approx. 1600g / day