BENTY SANDY | Ultra Clumping Cat Litter | Marseille Soap

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    Product description

    BentySandy High Quality (Premium), Clumping Ultra Absorbent Bentonite Mineral Clay makes it easy to clean your litter when you want to remove your cat's needs (faeces and urine). Its very fast clumping function (less than 30 seconds) allows you to remove clumps easily with a shovel. Its absorbent function will quickly mask your cat's urine odours and keep the litter tray dry. A 10L bag is suitable for a cat for 6 weeks on a litter level of 7 cm and 8 weeks at a height of 5 cm. 

    Advantages over other litter boxes on the market: 
    • Clumping 
    • Dust free (up to 99.5% free). 
    • Ultra absorbent up to 360%. 
    • Neutralises odours quickly 
    • Does not stick to your pet's paws. 
    • Economical and high quality. 
    • Natural product.