(Atopy) Skin and Sensitive I 4,5kg

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  • Description

    Indications for use

    • Allergy to certain foods and food intolerance (exclusively hydrolyzed protein)
    • Atopy (allergic dermatitis)
    • Dermatitis caused by small insects
    • Colitis
    • Inflammatory bowel diseases

    SANIMED Atopy/Sensitive

    • helps prevent allergic reactions to food, thanks to the hydrolysed proteins
    • helps reduce inflammations, skin redness and itching, thanks to its fish oil (5%) and borage oil (0.5%) content
    • is formulated for the treatment of food hypersensitivity, atopy and flea allergy
    • helps reduce signs and symptoms

    The average urine pH is 6.4. This pH value enhances the dissolution of struvite, as well as the prevention of its development. On top of that SANIMED Atopy/Sensitive is low in magnesium and contains relatively low amounts of phosphorus and protein. This means that it will stimulate anti-struvite effects. The risk of calcium oxalate urolithiasis is reduced because SANIMED Atopy/Sensitive is relatively poor in both calcium and glycine (which form the substrate for the synthesis of oxalate).